Pimpri to Sinhagad (Kondhana) Fort

I was thinking to take my child to somewhere for outing. I was searching a place near Pune and a plan is for one day trip. I am wondering to have a place where my kid can enjoy a day and can get something to know. From the different option we have the best we could think is of is Sinhagad Fort previously known as Kondhana cause kids are more curious to know about the warriors as they become their HEROs. 

The days of Superman, SpiderMan, Batman etc. are gone. Kids of this generation are smart enough to know the difference between the Original and Imaginary. India is blessed to have many such great-soul who had set examples for generations to follow. It will be very good to have the next generation to get some knowledge about this great-soul's, what they did, how they did and how committed they were to achieve what they wanted to. I took my kid to Sinhagad to see  actual "plane of action" of the great Maratha warrior Tanaji Malusare from Chatrapati Sivaji Maharaj Sena. There are many videos, animated videos stories available on them from where kids get to know their stories but going on "plane of action" is altogether a different experience.

We started out journey at 9:45 AM from my house at Pimpri and after crossing few signals reached Chinchwad which is just a first  hope of the journey. We crossed Dange chowk and after few KMs took the left turn on NH4 (Mumbai- Banglore) highway from Bhumkar chowk(Wakad). For going to Sinhagad we need to take a U-turn from Katraj square as there is no right turn for Sinhagad road from highway. Going further on Sinhagad Road we stopped to click some pictures at Backwater of Khadakwasla Dam.

Khadakwasla Dam is built on Mutha River filling its reservoir from 2 of the Dam's  names Panshet and Varasgaon before it. Along the road there are many food Stalls (chaupati) to make tummy happy😋.

After enjoying at Khadakwasla we moved ahead we got the glimpse of Sinhagad Fort and reach the foot of hill where there is an forest check post.
highest pick is the fort. Zoom picture to see
 Just behind the top of building is Fort 

We pay 50 Rs ticket at Forest check post and started climbing the mountain.

As its Saturday i was expecting less traffic on the way climbing the hill but as approaching fort a KM before i got traffic and cannot go up to parking area at fort. I need to park my car there only and the further journey would be on (11 number bus) which is on our foot walking. Walking towards fort stares there are many stalls to enjoy lime water juice and boiled groundnut. Finally we reached the Fort and we are at 1st Poona gate.

   From top of the gate we can see the amazing view of the road to fort entry.
Going through Pune gate 2 and 3rd  we entered the fort and on right the first thing we saw is Tofkhana. 

On left we see Horse Stable where they used keep horses. 

After watching Horse Stable we walk more into fort to reach Tanaji Samadhi. We removed our Shoes and went inside and we are in front of  Tanaji Samadhi. It was really an amazing experience and our head bow down automatically. What a great commitment, dedication and scarifies for the mother land. We were just assuming how he made impossible into possible. Fighting a battle with only 500 Mavales (solders) with full battalion which is many times bigger than his. Even after loosing his hand he still won the Fort. Standing there my son asked "Is this the place were Tanaji fought the battle" and I said yes son, this is a very place where 350 years ago  Tanaji Malusare fought the great Battle of Sinhagad and laid his life for the mother land fighting with enemies barely with one hand and finally wining the great battle. There is an anecdote when Shivaji Maharaj got the news about Tanaji's death. He expressed his sorrow in words "Gad aala, pan Sinha gela" - "The Fort is conquered, but the Lion was lost". And thus Shivaji Maharaj renamed this Fort from Kondhana to Sinhagad in respect of Tanaji Malusare.

There is an old man named Sambhaji Dimbde Kanlyan who pumped  more adrenalin into our emotions by telling the battle story and singing pohada. 

We moved ahead and went to see the Burj from where Tanaji and other Mavales climbed the Fort. 

By looking at it one could easily wonder how on the earth they climbed up at night where we can't even look down in day time. We heard in story that they climbed up with help of Monitor Lizard called as Ghorpad in Marathi but one can imaging standing there that how'z that possible. After this we went to Kalyan Darwaza (gate) and then we saw a Tilak's house. 

Now after walking this much we were hungry and its now time for lunch. There are many local hotels where you can enjoy Zunka-Bhakar (Marathi Dish) , Curd and Butter milk as well. 

We finish our lunch and had rest for sometime than its time to return keeping full respect in hearts ,head and thanking all of them what they did for setting up Swarajya. 🙏. 

While returning we saw there are many shops and they are cheap. we had some purchasing and started our enjoy back to home.  
Again we encountered with traffic jam in ghat. we came down and just after Khadakwasla Dam there is left turn and the Sign board there shows arrow toward NDA. By taking that route one can reach to Warje and than to NH4 to avoid going few KMs ahead till Katraj Chowk . I discovered it later on so i had to go Katraj chowk to just take a U-Turn to follow NH4. 

Thank you all for reading my experience. Until next time. Bye!!!. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, it is very useful and informative to me for planning next picnic spot.
    Salute to the Mard Mavla Great Tanhaji most faithful warrior of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

  2. Excellent information. This information giving me initiative to visit the place in near future.
    Good job.

  3. Its really helpful would like to visit Sinhgad very soon

  4. Great information. One question though. If I don't have my own transport,how can I go? Especially if I have family with me.

    1. You can book a cab or you can go with a local transport which has contentious frequency to the top.


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