Best 5 Beaches of Maharashtra

Best 5 Beaches of Maharashtra

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When you think about Beaches the first thing comes in your mind is relaxing, vacation, fun etc. India is blessed with costal area on all 3 sides, the eastern, western and the southern boundaries on the country and thus possess lots of beaches. I want to draw 5 best beaches from a specific region on the western cost of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the state on the west cost of India and it also covers important part of Deccan Plateau and central India. The state is 3rd largest in area and the 2nd most populated in India. The state has lots of things apart from Sugarcane, factories, Bollywood. The state is also flourished with natural beauties in plateau, hills, lakes, rivers and beaches. Maharashtra is having the long coastline of 720 Km along the Arabian Sea and it has very important physical geography of Deccan plateau which is separated from Konkan area by Western Ghats (Sahyadri Mountain Range)

    1.    Tarkarli and Devbagh Beach

Tarkarli is the village in the Malvan taluka in Sindhudurg district and its distance 395 Km from Pune and 540 Km from Mumbai. Tarkarli is nearly 7 Km away from Malvan which is having a very good fish market and you will see many good restaurants which do serve Malvani food. The beach is having the white sand and clean water and you will see many sailboats on the beach used for finishing. The Palm and coconut tree with the white sand create a very scenic view, feels like a natural green garland is been added my mother nature. Some people calls Tarkarli and Devbagh a twin beach but I would say they are both the same as it’s a long beach and the north part of it called the Tarkarli and the south portion up to the Karli river confluence with Arabian Sea. This beach attracts lot of tourist because of it share beauty, cleanness, good Malvani food and the there are many other awesome places to visit the nearby. Tarkarli beach is famous for Snorkeling and scuba diving and other water sports. You can read more about Tarkarli-Devbagh beach. 
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2.   GanpatiPule Beach

GanpatiPule is very famous for its Swayambhu Ganpati temple. Many people from across the state and country visit the temple for their vows to fulfill as it’s famous as Navsala Pavnara Ganpati (One who fulfils all kind of vows). Temple is situated right on the beach just below the hill and the beach is having white sand with sparkling blue water is clean. It always have high number of visitor in Ratnagiri district and one of the germs of Konkan coast. You will find this beach safe as there are many lifeguards keeping an eye on public for their security purpose. You can enjoy watersports and get refreshment on the beach stalls. The beach is very lively as one can enjoy a variety of watersports like boating, jet ski, banana ride etc. It is approximately 330 Km away from Pune and Mumbai. 

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3.   Kashid Beach


People living in cities like Mumbai and Pune often look for a day trip or a weekend stay from the hectic and busy schedule. They often in search of a place where they can relax and enjoy and Kashid is one of that beach. It attracts many tourist from mainly Pune and Mumbai which is 174 Km away from Pune and 124 Km away from Mumbai. It is located 30 Km south to Alibagh beach on the Alibag-Murud Road. It’s a long 3 Km beach lies between the 2 hills. 
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4.   Dapoli Beach

Dapoli is the small town in the Ratnagiri District which is 197 Km from Pune and 218 Km from Mumbai. It has importance in pre-independence as British set their camps here thus its also called as Camp Dapoli. It has series of beautiful and scenic beaches like Daploi Harnai and Dapli Karde. With its elegant beaches and sightseeing options made Dapoli, one of the favorite place for holidays. Also it is one of the longest beach in Maharashtra. It has a seashore of 50 Km from Kelshi to Dabhol. Bharja River in the north and  Vashishti River in south makes its North and South limit.

5.   Guhagar Beach


The meaning of Guhagar Word is Cave house which is 240 km from Pune and 262 km from Mumbai situated in Ratnagiri District. It is known for its virgin beach, Coir which is coconut fiber made from the outer shell of coconut. Guhagar coconuts, betel nuts and mostly Hapus Alphonso mangoes are very famous. Guhagar Beach white sand and blue water make it very beautiful and elegant. The water is so fresh here and with less boats you can often see dolphin’s jumping in the sea which gives you awesome feeling. The beach is calm and very good place to relax and spend the holidays. You can also stay in tents here which is all together a very different experience.

This are my 5 best beaches in Maharashtra which are nice holiday destinations for weekend. Every beach has its own uniqueness and possess different character.


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