Hill station in Vidarbha


        Hill Station In Vidarbha 

Chikhaldara Hill Station
Chikhaldara Hill Station

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Hill station are often considered the most visited place which attracts large amount of tourist. There are many famous hill stations of Maharashtra most of them are from western part of Maharashtra and most of the people do know about them. Here I want to display and talk about the Chikhaldara hill station from Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. When you talk about Maharashtra state, there are 5 regions comes to your mind namely as Konkan (Konkan Division), Paschim Maharashtra also known as Desh (Pune Division), Khandesh (Nashik Division), Marathwada (Aurangabad Division) and Vidarbha (Nagpur and Amravati Division) region.

Those who don’t know Vidarbha region, its located north-east of Maharashtra state and lies in the central location of India. Marathwada and Khandesh regions touches its west side boundaries, the state of Madhya Pradesh touches it from north border, Chhattisgarh State from east side and Telangana to the south border of it. Nagpur is the largest and biggest city on Vidarbha and also called as Orange City as it’s famous for its oranges which has exports to other countries. The Vidarbha region also known for its mass cotton production with two-third of mineral resources of the Maharashtra state plus quite amount forest resources and net producer of power. IT has two major tiger reserve which are respectively Tadoba Tiger Project and Melghat Tiger Reserve


Chikhaldara Hill Station

After enough of above information let’s come back to our topic Chikhaldara. It is located in the Amravati district and it’s the only Hill Station of Vidarbha. Chikhaldara is Hill station lies in the hills of Satpura Hill ranges and its main source of water is Sakkar Lake. Chikhaldara has a wild life associated with it which includes many wild animals like sloth bears, sambars, wild boar, panthers, tigers and rarely seen wild dogs. Close to it there is the famous Melghat Tiger Reserve which has 82 tigers.

Small Waterfall

Nagpur is city is famously called the orange city but there are many Orange Gardens in the planes down Chikhaldara and the farmers from this villages near Paratwada City mainly grow oranges. The quality of oranges in this area is very good and gets good rates for this crops. The climate of Chikhaldara is very good and it attracts tourist from Nagpur and other parts of Vidarbha plus part of Madhya Pradesh namely from Betul and Khandwa. The most convenient way to go is with your own car. If you don’t have that option you can rent the car or the other option is to take ST (State transport) bus from Paratwada bus station. The last stop of the bus is Chikhaldara bus station and from there on you can have local transport to travel to different points. You can do horse riding, Cycle riding and other sports at many different points.


Horse Ride

Cycle Ride

 Chikhaldara points

There are many places to visit in Chikhaldara and some of them are outlined below

Panchbol Point : -

Panchbol Point is very famous tourist spot and its crowed most of the time. As the name implies if you shout into the valley, you can hear eco of your voice 5 times. Mainly because the design of valley that a single sound reflects from 5 different hill walls and comes back to you. This area is having a deep valley formed by 4 mountains and of course a beautiful waterfall.

Panchbol Point

Devi Point:-

Devi Point is another famous religious place to visit in Chikhaldara and it gets large amount of devotees from mainly from the state of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.  It is near to local Bus Stand and Shakkar Lake. History of this place is that tribes of Melghat of the Satpura forest from the Vidarbha region had stoned Devi in the caves called to be of primitive humans. As described in mythology the continuous water dropping in the caves is said to be the origin of Chandra Bhaga River.

Devi Point


 Bhimkund-Kichakdara is having mythology that during the days of Mahabharata, Bhim kill Kichaka and throw him into the valley and thus named Kichakdara. Bhimkund is the lake where Bhim took bath after killing Kichaka.  

Government Garden:-

Government Garden is a very beautiful place in Chikhaldara and it attracts many tourist. The special attraction of the garden is the toy train ride which circles inner boundaries of the garden. The garden also have a variety of flowers, Swings and Sea-saw games you can enjoy there.  

Government Garden

Government Garden

Shikkar Lake:-

Shikkar lake is near to Devi Point and it is the main source of water for Chikhaldara. You can enjoy Speed Boat, Pidal Boat and Scooter Boat here which is avaible from morning 9 AM till evening 6 PM. They also provide live jackets of all sizes thus you can take kids as well for a boat ride.  It has many stalls where you can get refreshments and restaurants opposite to it.

Shikkar Lake

Shikkar Lake

Semadoh Lake:-

 Semadoh Lake is one of the must visited place in Chikladara. Lake is surrounded by dense forest area and a very beautiful natural scenes. You can get to a wide range of animals like beer, peacock, wolf, wild pigs and varies species of birds. In Semadoh restaurant you can enjoy a special dish called Dahi-basundi. 


It is one of the most visited place in Vidarbha Region of Maharastra. Vidarbha is known for its high temperature which makes Chikhaldara one of the most desired tourist stop having some coolness. In rainy session the beauty of Chikhaldara even goes to the next level and having very scenic views with lots of waterfalls. In Winter it become more colder and covered with fog in the morning and late evening. It is also good place for stay and also a good honeymoon destination. I would recommend this place if you are interested in nature and wild life in forest as it’s a complete package and one of the amazing holiday destination in central India.

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