Pune to Shimla- Kullu Manali including Delhi and Agra-Pune

This is my second trip for the year and this time it's with Family. From the lovely beaches of Goa to the lovely and awesome mountains of great Himalayan ranges. It was a much awaited tour as we have been thinking about it for quite some time but somehow it was not working out and this time plan gets finalized in one hour and booking done same day. At the end of blog will share the details from where I did booking. 
Shimla, Kullu-Manali does not need any introduction as this has been a tourist destination from many decades and still people are crazy about the place. Shimla is the capital state of Himachal Pradesh which is one of the state in the Himalayan mountain ranges and also once called as summer capital of British India. Let me take you to my journey.

 Day 1

Took the early morning flight from Pune and reached Delhi at 9:30 AM IST where our Cab is waiting for us to start our further journey towards Shimla which 357 KMs away. We boarded the cab and started our journey on Delhi-Jammu Road. After going some 60 KMs its time to take the first break, we stopped at Shiva Dhaba (restaurant) for meal and we ordered some food items. Ohh my, what a tasty food they offer. The food was awesome and Lassi is even more wonderful.  After a wonderful meal and making our tummy happy we proceed towards Shimla. After travelling some 200 odd KMs we stopped at Yadavendra Gardens at Pinjori. It was really nice garden and a very good initiative of Haryana Tourism.

 Jal Mahal, Rang Mahal, Rani Mahal and Shesh Mahal are some main attractions of major attraction of this garden. In the premises of Garden there is food court, Restaurant and bar where you can enjoy food and drink.

In the evening when multicolor lights are on and it looks amazing and more beautiful. You can spend 2 hours in the garden easily as we did and then it time to continue our journey. You can consider Pinjori as the last town before you enter Himachal Pradesh and started to see foothills of Himalaya.

It was dark and full ghat road and going further up we are almost there.  While looking outside the window I could see lights on the mountain and literally they were looking like starts and one could simply feel like “Tare Zameen Par”. It was really amazing to see such a beauty in the complete dark. We finally reached our hotel in Shimla, took dinner and went into bed to start next thrilling day.

I know the camera is not doing justice to the picture also i had taken it from the moving vehicle and couldn't found a much better pic. 

Day 2

We wake up at around 7 AM and very eager for Shimla Sightseeing and when I open the windows I was shocked to see it’s raining outside in the month of April and was very disappointed. But it was having a very awesome view out of the window. It was looking like mountains were taking  cloud blanket. 

We all took our breakfast and get ready and started our journey towards Kufri. By the time we reached Kufri it stopped raining as we considered our self very lucky. In the parking itself you will see many agents offering you a horse ride to take you to the hill top. They will charge you 500 Rs per head to take you to top and return back. It will take 20 odd mins for you to reach on top. 

It was really a nightmare riding those horses, the path was full of holes and puddles which the horses slipping and climbing up. On one side it was a trench and other side there were lots of stones and holes. Sometimes it was very scary felling that if I fall from horse what will happen to my back or body parts, 

Something gonna surly break. I took a breath of relief once I reach on top and see all my family members reached safely.
Going further you will see a Yak standing there for you to click some pictures sitting on him. It will change you 50 Rs per person. You will also get accessories like hat and gun to click some pictures. 

Going further you can play game for shooting the bottles that is also 50 Rs for 6 Shots. Moving ahead there are many stalls where you can have snacks and it’s not that costly thought.

You can also take pictures with wearing the traditional costume as there are many photographers there to give costume do so. There is a view point from where you can see 10 points from telescope.

Some of them are China border, natural hot water springs, the palace of King of Patiala, the richest village of Shimla, the Mata Mandir where many Bollywood movies scenes are picturised 
China Border post
natural hot water springs
King of Patiala Palace
The richest village of Shimla

While returning we were feeling very hungry and as there were food stalls we had good snacks. While our order come I decided to roll in the ball. It was really an amazing experience thought not easy.

Now after spending almost a day it’s time to return back, you may be required to wait depending upon the availability of the horses at top pick up point. This time you will not scared as compared to while you were coming but you will pray not to fall from horse. After a 15 minutes long bumpy ride we finally reached the parking lot. We didn’t have much time left to see the Himalayan National park. So we went to Jakhu Temple (According to Mahabharata Myth Hanuman Ji rested while searching for Sanjivini Plant) than to vice regal lodge which was once the residence of British Viceroy of India which is now converted to advance study for its academic use.
In Evening we exploration on our own The Mall, Scandal Point, Ridge, Lakkar Bazaar and Christ Church. We did buy some toys for kids and then returned to hotel. Had dinner and went to sleep.

Day 3

Welcome to yet another amazing day. We checked out from the hotel in Shimla and heading towards Manali today. On the way to Manali, we took a halt at Pandoh Dam and then we stopped at Kullu for river rafting in Vyas River.

 There are many different agents from where you can book river rafting, they will change 200 Rs per head and also they will charge 1100 Rs if you want a video and pictures of river rafting. It was amazing experience as before that I had only seen river rafting in TV. 

After that we moved ahead and reached shawl factory in Kullu. We did lot of purchasing like sweaters and jackets but later came to know the quality of the products are not good and our money was wasted. Finally we reached to Manali at near about 9 PM had our dinner and went to bed.

Day 4

Starting of the day very amazing cause after we went to bed it rained the whole night which dropped the temperature. When we were going for breakfast it snowed a bit. From the floor lobby we could see the pine tree on the mountains was fully covered with snow.  We clicked some pictures in hotel lobby and had our breakfast. We started our day by visiting Hadimba Devi Temple (This temple constructed in 1553 A.D is Dedicated to Himachal’s Most Significant Deity Hadimba Mata).

Just behind the temple you can see a very beautiful pine tree forest where many movies scenes are picturised. 

We now decided to go Solang valley.Before reaching there we stopped at a shop where we took the snow suit on rent including Shoes. We got it on rent on Rs200 but needed to buy socks and globes.

We reached the Solang valley to find rush cause overnight rain caused show over the mountain. You need to buy the ropeway ticket RS 650 per head to reach at the top of Valley.
Ropeway at Solang Valley

I can’t express the feeling once we reached at top, it was fully covered with Snow and the view of other hills front and back of it was looking very beautiful, covered with snow as if hills wore a snow cap. It was -8 degree temperature over there and the good thing was there was no wind blowing. 

Up there you can find a snack center just above the ropeway. You can enjoy good snacks in such freezing cold there after playing in snow.  It was an amazing experience thanks to overnight rain. We came down through rope way and then went to Kanchan Nag Mandir and then Went to parking to board our cab. 

After this we went to Vashisht Hot springs (Dedicated to Vashist Muni & well known for its hot Curable water and Religious).

Evening we were free to explore the Mall Road & IBEX Market of Manali. Had our dinner at hotel and went to bed.

Day 5

Today after breakfast we went to local market and did some purchase. After spending an hour and half we started towards Delhi which was near about 11 hours of journey. Distance between Manali to Delhi is 542 KMs. While returning to Delhi we took our first stop to see Dalai Lama temple. 

The whole day is only about travel and it’s our driver driving skills which made it easy and on time even having heavy traffic in Ghat. We reached hotel at around 9 PM had our dinner at hotel and had good rest.

Day 6

After a tiring yesterday’s travel, today it’s time for sightseeing of the Capital. We started our day visiting Red Fort which was built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan as Royal residence.

You need to keep the bags at the parking and take the battery operated car to reach the main gate. The Lahori Gate is the main entrance and while walking through the gate you will see Chhatta chowk (Bazaar), after that you will see there is an Army at Red Fort Museum which you can see. 

The main attraction of Red fort is Naubat Khana (Drum House), Diwan-i-Am, Rang Mahal, Diwan-i-khas, Hammam (Royal Bath), Hayat Bakhsh (garden) etc.

Our Next stop was Raj Ghat, it was so peaceful and silent. We also visited Rajiv Gandhi Samadhi at Raj Ghat premises.

After Raj Ghat we went to Akshardham Temple it was really a beautiful place to visit. Due to high security and restriction on pictures clicking thus no photo. Then we went to see Qutub Minar which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and then to Lotus Temple after that our next stop was Humayun’s Tomb. 

We clicked some beautiful pics and there is a very beautiful garden, I also took a picture of the top of the dome where something is written, please write in the comment section if you can read it.

Now it’s time to see the beautiful Rajpath Rashtrapati Bhavan (Indian Presidents house) and Parliament house. We could only see them from a moving vehicles as civilians are not allowed to stop there but we could stop at the parking of India Gate. 

In the evening light it was looking very good. By standing in front of Amar Jawan Jyoti it was a pride moment. Now after spending an hour or so it’s time to end the day.


We woke up early as we need to travel today to Agra and returns back to Delhi in the evening to catch our return flight back to Pune. We started our journey towards Agra to see the 7th wonder of world the very beautiful Taj Mahal. We took the Yamuna express highway and after travelling to somewhat 50 KMs we stopped at a Dhaba for breakfast. As Agra is 233 KMs away from Delhi the travel time reduced to 3 and half hours cause of Yamuna Express highway. We reached Agra somewhat near about 12 am. 

From the parking you can board mini bus to reach to Taj Mahal but we choose local auto rickshaw to reach to main gate of Taj Mahal.

You need to buy the shoe cover to walk into Taj Mahal. We enter from the first gate into premises and we saw the beautiful Taj Mahal. The ivory-white marble tomb was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in the memories of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It was very nice experience to see the World wonder. It’s everyone’s dream to see Taj Mahal and you cannot explain the feeling being there in words. 

 this is the very top of the Taj Mahal dome. if anyone know lets me know what is written on it. 

We also visited 2 more tombs in Agra which was also a place not to miss.

After enjoying a day we started our journey towards Delhi airport where our flight is waiting to take off back home. While returning we faced heavy traffic entering Delhi but finally we reached airport on time. we did check-in took our boarding pass and boarded flight and 1 and half our journey reached Pune airport. We booked cab at airport to reach home.

So this concludes a most amazing and unforgettable trip where we explore nature, culture and history. It was very wonderful trip thanks to AHP world for organizing and managing such a beautiful trip. During our whole trip we did not faced any issues, the hotel and the cab agency was good. The trip was planned very well and always we had an option to customize even while during the journey. We did that as we deduced one day on Manali and covered Delhi local sightseeing.  Below are the contact details of AHP World if anyone wants to plan their trip.

 WEBSITE -  www.ahpworld.com
 CONTACT-  sales@ahpworld.com

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