Picnic spot near Pune- Bendewadi Waterfall

Lalwadi or Bendewadi Waterfall is a very beautiful place near Pune. It’s nearly 60 KMs away from Pune and a very nice place for a one day trip during the rainy season. Before starting we were not sure about the place and did not planned for it, actually our destination was Jagtap Waterfall.  Let me take you to my journey and move along will tell you what happen and how we did found Lalwadi (Bendewadi) waterfall.   
We started near about 9 AM from our home and the took the old Mumbai-Pune Road and reach Somatane Phata Toll Booth, after crossing Somatane Phata and going 18 odd KMs on old Mumbai-Pune Highway we took right turn from Kanhe Phata. It took us 13 KMs to reach Jagtap Waterfall and found it closed for some repair and renovation work.

Now we were little upset about the close and then looking for an option. We followed the road ahead and there was a local person who told us that there is a waterfall ahead which they call as Lalwadi Waterfall. It was raining very heavily and even hard to see the road.

We see the board showing left to waterfall, we took left and after climbing a bit at the road end there are some houses, parked our car. By reaching there we were thinking that we are at wrong place as we were not seeing waterfall anywhere. So we went to house and inquired about it and then came to know that the waterfall is behind their house. We also came to know that they provide traditional Maharatrian village food.

They showed us the way to go for Waterfall. It was a very narrow road from side of their house. After walking further we see rice farm filled with water and in other crop ready for cultivation was looking like the whole area took a green blanket. 

Walking further we could hear waterfall sound and walking toward the sound than appears a very beautiful waterfall.

I would consider it a very beautiful and the reason for that is it before falling it has steps like structure which add four starts in its beauty. It does not have huge height but enough to create a water wall which looks out of the world. Behind the water wall there is a natural cave not that deep but you can call it. Also this waterfall is safe does not have deep water logging as it does not fall from high and thus it creates a water cloud and drizzle nearby area. 

 You need to be careful while on the rocks as you never know it may be slippery and you may fall with water flow on it. So be a bit careful and don’t be heroic. We have a very wonderful time in the waterfall and played nearly 2 hours in water. Now we all were exhausted and hungry as well. So went to that house where we did inquiry , they gave us room to change and we ask them for food. IN next 30 mins they called us for lunch and we had zunka Bhakhar, Wanga( brinjal)  bharta, Indrayni rice and dal etc. We were so full that we need to rest there for about hour or so.

After a meal and good rest it’s time to return back, it took some what 2 hours for us to reach home.

It was a very wonderful experience and a very nice place to have a weekend picnic and great place to spend a day.


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