A Trip to Hyderabad from Pune

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Welcome to my yet another blog. This blog will cover the amazing and historic city of Deccan plateau called as Hyderabad. It is old city situated in northern part of South India and the largest city of the Telangana state. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities both cities are grown so much that they have become one big metropolis. Pune and Pimpri-chinchwad are also twin cities and Pune also has its own historical significance. One belongs to Nizam Shahi whereas other belong to great Maratha laid the foundation of Swaraj. Hyderabad is also an IT hub in the southern part of India along with metro cities like Bangalore and Chennai. It’s now having headquarters of big IT Company Microsoft and Google and also recently Amazon opened its biggest campus in the world in Hyderabad.

Day 1

The distance from Pune to Hyderabad is 580 KMs and the time to travel is 11 hours including stops. So we started from my home at 9:30 AM and took the Solapur road. It took us nearly 1 and half hours to get out of Pune. We took few breaks for lunch, tea and reached Hyderabad near about 8:30 PM. The whole day driving made me tired but the location of hotel was good as from the room I could see Hussain Sagar lake. The lightnings and the Buddha statue was looking very beautiful in the multicolored lights. We had dinner at hotel restaurant and went to bed to start exploring places.

Day 2

It was an amazing day because we decided to visit to Ramoji Film City. We started from our hotel which was in the heart of city. We set the destination Ramoji in navigator and it was showing 1 hour travel distance.
Ramoji Film city was built my Telugu film producer Ramoji Rao in the year 1996 and spreads over 1666 acres of land.

We reached at the main gate and went inside to the parking lot. After parking our car it’s time to go to ticket counter. You can buy the ticket in advance online or you can buy after reaching at counter. You need to go through the checking to get into it by showing ticket but you are not allowed to take your food inside. Once you pass through checking gate special buses are waiting for you to give the tour. You need to board the bus and they will take you to Ramoji Tour, from the main gate its 3-4 KMs run to reach the First Stop Movie Magic Park.

You need to get down of bus at Movie Magic Park where you can see the set which is all about the 60 American theme, you can take pictures with 1960’s car and old American petrol pump. You can also take nice pictures standing next to “Statue Of Liberty”. When we were busy with clicking pictures there, local security guard told us that in 15 mins there is stunt show so we rushed to reach theater and got a good sets. The name of the show is Wild West Stunt which they have 2 shows in the day. One is at 2 PM and the next is at 4 PM. When you see the show you will come to understand what acting is and what he see in movies how it is. Really a good show and one should not miss it.
After watching an amazing stunt show it was time to see the dance show so which was also very nice and full of enjoyment. We did not feel board even for a single min in an hour long show.

When you come of the dance show there is 2 restaurant where you can enjoy different food. We saw a lot of rush there and took some time for our order. The next we went to Eureka which lets you take a turn back into history.
When we came out of Eureka there is a tour bus waiting to take us to tour again. They showed us sets of old village, north town which is simulations of north Indian cityscape and buildings and they dropped us Bhagavatham set where we see the sets of Krishna and Mahabharat set. They have moving puppet sitting on the chairs which were looking like a real scene.

Coming out there we saw one more set which everyone would love to see and is used in almost all movies and that is of Train. It was looking like a real train and the platform is very identical and the railway station. You could see the ticket counter and the train timings and information board, all were looking real. We than boarded on to the buses standing outside railway station to take us to set of airport. One side it was airport and on back side it was hospital. After watching all this sets one thing you can figure out as to how the scenes shoot in movies that we see on screen.

Coming out of this set we than went to see Japanese garden which is of Japanese theme and you can enjoy the traditional Japanese song which the artist signs in their traditional costume.

Again it’s time to get into the bus and they showed us Askari Garden set. It is the beautiful garden with a shelter like structure in the center and the staircase is truly a multi layered thing of beauty and exuberance of nature. Sanctuary Garden discovers the landscape of wild-life sanctuary. Sun fountain garden with chariot drawn by horses is simply magnificent. We have seen leg Garden as well where the famous song “Ho lala Ho Lala” picturized. 

From within bus they will show you Angel Fountain as well and then they will drop you at the set of Bahubali which is the major attraction after the bumper success of Bahubali movie. You can enjoy food as well inside the premises of the set as there is a restaurant and shop as well. While we are waiting for the tour bus we could see far there are some ships which seems to be a set as well but we couldn’t go there. 

They dropped us at the next set which is Bird Park yet another amazing thing to visit. The waterfall and the variety of birds takes it to another level and it includes Butterfly Park also.

It was evening and after Bird Park they dropped us at Fundustan where there is Kids Park also food Stalls, restaurant, stall for mehndi, tattoo and fun for kids. Also there was a dance show was good.
After spending time or I should say enjoying time while we were waiting for bus we went into Mughal Garden looking majestic in to the color lights and fountain lights. After the whole day of fun and exuberant it time to get back to hotel.

Day 3

This is yet another day to visit many different wonderful places in Hyderabad. So we started our day by going to Sudha Cars museum where you need to buy entry ticket of 50 Rs. It’s an automobile museum displays crazy cars that resembles everyday objects. These cars are handmade by Kanyaboyina Sudhakar also called as K. Sudhakar Yadav who started it as his hobby in his school days and he created so many cars in shape of purse, shoes, cheese, bed, helmet, burger, bat and computer etc. that he could open the dedicated museum in 2010. It took us 2-3 hours for watching each of artistic creation with minute details.

Next is Salar Jung Museum is one of the 3 National museum of India. All the collection of Museum was originally a private collection of Salar jung family and was gifted to the nation after the death of Salar Jung 3. It was inaugurated on December 1951. It has a collection of sculptures, paintings, carvings, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic artifacts, carpets, clocks, and furniture from Japan, China, Burma, Nepal, Indian, Persia, Egypt, Europe and North America.

It is one of the largest museums in the world. There are East and West wing and it took us 3 hours but we couldn't cover whole of museums. It has very beautiful sculpture made from elephant teeth, different pots, all the very beautiful chandelier, the different walking sticks and countless other collections. We had lunch there as it also has government canteen with low price and good quality. It was exhausting as our legs are tired as well but its worth watching.

It’s time to move on to next location and it was evening when we reached to Charminar, somehow in those crowed streets we tried more than couple of car parking with no luck and finally we found one but took our hour in all that process. At Charminar we cannot go to first floor as we missed that by just 5 mins cause it got closed. 

We did some small purchase and proceed to next destination which is Hussain Sagar Lake, after reaching there we came to know that there is laser show which is having a different ticket as you need to take an entry ticket first. The 30 mins laser show was nice and after that it’s time to go back to hotel. After reaching hotel we went to “Paradise Biryani” restaurant which was not far from hotel. It is very famous biryani house in Hyderabad and people say you have to eat once if you are in Hyderabad. And let me tell you that they are not wrong as the taste of biryani is very delicious. Now after enjoying biryani to fullest we went to hotel room chatted with each other and sign off for the day.

Day 4

It’s a last day in Hyderabad and we decided to go for shopping as we can’t leave the city without that. Did checkout without breakfast as we decided to have Hyderabad street food as a breakfast. We googled and it was Koti market, when we reached there the shops are yet to fully open as we reached at 10am and normal time for market opening is 11:30 am to 12 noon. By the time we were doing street shopping, markets starts to open and we did buy Narayanpet and Gadwal sarees which we got at good price.

After shopping we went to Golconda Fort which is in our way to Pune. When you enter the main gate there and under the roof if you clap standing at center the clap can be heard at the top of the fort and at that time solders used to communicate from the main gate to the top of building. Also there is a solid iron weight which at time if someone pick it up with one hand can be selected as a solder. We spent some 2 hours at Golconda Fort and started our journey towards our home. We reached home somewhere near about 3 am in the morning.

The Trip to Hyderabad was really amazing and wonderful. There are many more places in Hyderabad which we can’t able to visit due to time constraint but overall it was a fun time and an unforgettable trip.

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