Goa the Unlimited Fun Destination

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When you think about the GOA, the first thing comes to mind is the unlimited fun, beautiful beaches, Shacks and good market and of course sea food and don’t forget the night life at beach. Goa is a state at the coastline of Arabian Sea which is separated by Western Ghats from the main land.  Portuguese defeated Yusuf Adil Shah Sultan of Bijapur   in the year 1510 and this was the beginning of Portuguese colonial rule in Goa which last for 4 and half centuries. India requested to take Portuguese territories in Indian subcontinent under Indian control to make them integral part of India after Indian independence from British rule in the year 1947. Portugal denied to do so and thus Indian Army invaded into this territories resulting them to become part of Indian Union. Goa is rich in culture and heritage. Goa has huge number so of foreign tourist and most of them are from Russian, even some of the locals in Goa can speak Russian as well.

Goa is 479 Kms away from Pune. The best way to reach Goa is to take NH4 Pune-Banglore Highway till Kolhapur. As from Kolhapur you need to take Gaganbawda road and cross the Western Ghat to descend to Vaibhawadi and take Kankavli road to reach to Goa.

I started in my car at around 6 PM and it took me 1 hour to cross city traffic to reach friend house. We started our journey at around 7 PM from Pune and took our first break at somewhere near Satara to take dinner. We reached hotel at about 5:30 Am. We did early check in and went to bed fro few hours.

Day 1

After breakfast the first thing we did is to go to beach and spent a quality time in water. In the evening we again came down to beach and there was shacks looking very beautiful in multi-color light. We enjoyed doing party at the shacks and it was very wonderful night.
Day 2

Today is the day where we explore the Goa and sightseeing. We decided to take bike on rent, we paid some 1000 Rs as a deposit and 100 Rs per day basis. We went to Indian Navy Aviation Museum at Bogmalo. It was really nice to see such museum because I have never seen planes and helicopter from so close though they are very old and decommissioned may be from 50s or 60s. By looking into those flying machines one can easily imagine this machines in sky. You could see planes and helicopters on internet, television and movies but seeing plane and helicopter engines closely is all together a different story actually it’s all your imagination. This is the first time I see there are 10 dress types of uniform in Navy and saw the hugeness of Aircraft carrier INS Viraat model. By only watching the model I could only understand the importance of Aircraft carrier any country have. The different communication equipment and other machines at the museum gives you lot of information about the Navy. After spending 5-6 hours at the museum we had lunch and returned back to Hotel. In the evening we went to Calangute Beach and enjoyed the rest of the evening at Shacks.

Day 3

The day starts with sightseeing, after breakfast first went to
Chapora fort – Chapora Fort is situated on the hill at the confluence of Chapora River and Arabian Sea built by Adil Shah and named it Shahpura. Later Portuguese did repairs the fort when they came in 1717, they also change its name to Chaproa Fort. The fort attacks lot of tourist and also become famous as “Dil Chahata hai” Fort. Than we went to Panaji.

Basilia of Bom Jesus – The church is historical and UNESCO World heritage site built in 1594, the building of the church and the beginning of Christianity in Indian come together. It has the tomb of St. Francis Xavier which is still in good condition even after 400 years.

Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception – It is located in Panaji. It is one of the oldest and most famous chapels in Goa and its having the second largest Church Bells.

Se Cathedral – It is one of the largest church in entire Asia and it took 80 years for construction to complete.

Cruise – It is one of the very awesome experience and allows you to explore exotic scenery. You can also enjoy the show which includes Goa folk dance and music.

Baga Beach – We went to Baga Beach it was evening by then, there was lots of shops, tattoo parlor and Shacks where you can enjoy good food. We spent the rest of the evening at shacks

Day 4
Our day started early as we need to go for shopping and after which we need to start our journey back to home. After breakfast we went to Mapusa market, it contains variety of things from kids to elderly and from dresses to utensils. You have everything for everyone in the market. After shopping we started our journey today's home. Had lunch in between this time we decided to take Amboli Ghat road because we need to the famous Amboli waterfall.
Goa is the dream destination for every youngster and the wonderful state to visit. Actually I feel 3 days is not sufficient enough to explore the state. It consist of various amazing beaches and beautiful churches and its reach culture and folk music makes it Unique.

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