Wonderland a Kashid Beach

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If you are thinking of a day picnic or a weekend outing and you are located at Pune or Mumbai. You are blessed with a beautiful wonderland known as Kashid Beach which is located at the shores of Arabian Sea in Murud taluka in the North Konkan region of Maharashtra. You will reach to Kashid Beach by taking Alibagh-Murud road which is 32 Kms away from Alibagh and 16 Kms away from Murud. 

Kashid Beach is very popular beach and manly gets the tourist from Mumbai and Pune metros cities. The beach spans for 3 Kms between Hills at both the end. It also has cliffs, rocks and a golden sand which adds more to its beauty. There is only one spot on the beach has small rocks under knee level water which may cause scratches.

A Beautiful Near Ransai Village

As it was early in the morning we need to start so we packed our breakfast and took with us. We started at 7:00 am from our house as we need to cover a distance of 160 Kms. We took the Dheu Road to get onto Old Mumbai Pune road and after following on some Kms just after the Somatane Phata took the left turn to get onto Mumbai-Pune Express Highway. After going somewhat 50 odd Kms just before the Khalapur Tool Plaza there is a diversion to get off from Express Highway to follow Pen-Khalapur Road. While going along the road saw a very nice and beautiful location near the bank of the river. The place has a very beautiful scenery and nature picturesque, it was very quiet and peaceful. We spent some quality time there and had our breakfast. I had stopped at the same place in past but was not remembering the exact location so this time I need to search for it along the road and found it just after Ransai village.

Kashid Beach
Kashid Beach 

We reached Kashid Beach at around 12 noon and parked our car. You have ample amount of Parking and there are many individual shacks where you can eat snacks and also have swing bed to rest. We went to beach and straight into water to play. It was almost an hour or so we were playing into water. The sun was beating down on us and also we were feeling hungry. So we came to shack had something to eat and again went to sea and started playing within the water with air ball. Waves come to us had really took our game to next level. We also took the experience of ATV bike, initially it was awkward but once adjusted its fun and enjoyable ride. 

AVT Bike Ride

We than decided to have water sports, we took the banana ride which is not easy as it looks when it goes over the waves you need to hold tight otherwise there are lots of chances you will find yourself in water and that the challenging part of the game as who can stay longer. Jet skis is another adrenal pumping water sport that we enjoyed. There will always be a person with you who actually drives skis but when it jumps from one wave to, you should stand a bit of the ski so to minimum. We also tried parasailing as well they will take you a fast boat which is a 500m to 1000m from the beach.  Once your turn come and boat attendant will give you harness and belts to wear. They will attach your harness to parasuit and stand at the end of boat end. They will release the rope and the parasuit will take you into sky. It was an awesome experience of flying but you need to remember one thing that you need to check the harness and adjust it properly as once you are in sky it will pinch you and you will be uncomfortable and it will spoil your joy.

Horse Ride

After fun filled experience of water sports we went back to shacks to relax and enjoy a very beautiful beach sunset. I really enjoyed sunset from the swing bed. As the sun was going down, so the water was becoming golden and redness spreads in sky was looking very gorgeous and attractive. Had a cup of tea and started our journey back to home.

Relaxing At Shacks  

When you go to Kashid Beach you can also visit other places nearby like Murud Janjira Fort, Phansad Wildlife sanctuary and Alibag Beach. The best season to visit Kashid beach is after monsoon season cause in rainy season costal region in Maharashtra experience heavy rainfall and sea is rough aswell, also there will be not water sport in the monsoon season. Yes but after monsoon all the activities start and also the climate is good as cool breeze makes the atmosphere pleasant.

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