A Day Trip to Nagaon Beach

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Today will take you to yet another famous picnic destination. How it happened as some guests came to my house. They came for the first time so I was thinking of such a picnic spot which they had not seen any time. I was thinking and going through different options like hill stations, forts, temples, amusement parks and beaches. Yes beaches that would be the correct choice. So I picked the famous Nagaon Beach which was the best choice for a one day trip from Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune. 

Naigao beach is 136 KMs away from Pimpri and it covers a distance of 100 KMs from Mumbai. Nagaon is location on shores of Arabian Sea in Northern Konkan region in the district of Raigad. It’s famous for its cleanliness and water sport and 9 KMs away from Alibag Beach.
I thought of starting at 7 am but got a bit late as we took some snacks for breakfast and started our 3 and half hour journey at about 8 am. Took the Dehu road and after crossing it get onto Old Pune-Mumbai road. After 8 KMs on Old Pune-Mumbai road took the left turn on Somatane Phata to get on to Pune Mumbai express Highway. We were there on express highway for 55 KMs and took left for Pen-Khopoli Road before Khalapur Toll Booth.

While following the road just after the Ransai Village we see a very beautiful spot on river bank and decided to have breakfast at the spot. You need to park your vehicle on the road side and walk a bit down towards river. The river water is so clear and there are two trees which gives you shed and add beauty to the place amongst the rocks. It was such a beautiful place to spend some time with family and friends. You will get the real village feel and the activities of villagers in river. 

After breakfast we went straight to Nagaon Beach which is nearly fifty odd KMs away. We reached the beach near about 12:30 PM. It was just like I heard, it’s very clean and beautiful and one thing I was surprised to see few cars are there on the beach and wondering how did they are there. So the best way to find is to take your own car there. I thought of it but I was a bit hesitant to do so but seeing other cars sending there give me courage. When I took my car I don’t see any problem and the sand below was tight enough to drive a car on beach. So I did not wanted to loss this change and drove the car on the beach. It is rally a long beach about 3 KMs and as I was enjoying my drive on the beach I needed to stop as we see stone wall going into the sea. But behind the wall we still could see the beach so we came out of car to see what it is and what we see is man made structure to safe guard the confluence of river and sea. Something like this I never saw before and I turned back my car and went back to point from where I entered and parked my car.

After parking the first thing we did is that we went into the water and started playing. We also had some water sports like banana ride and Water scooter ride. We were really enjoying a lot that time not known and I think we nearly spend some what 2 hours playing in water. Now after playing so much in water we were real hungry so went to a local restaurant and had full lunch.  It was about 4:30 we decided to get back to beach and we did some horse riding and cart riding and other activities on the beach. Walking on the beach in the evening and just setting and seeing the sun set was an amazing experience.
It was getting dark and we don’t have any plans of night stay there but if anyone wants to stay there are lots of beach resort which can be chosen to spend the night. Also there are many beach camps where you can spend the night at beach and sleep in tents.

We drove back to home and reached near about 10 PM. On a whole Nagaon beach is very good beach to spend a day with your family or friends. As mentioned you will love to be here as it’s very clean and not very crowed. Also beach water was till your knees for 20-25 steps in to the water but everyone should be very careful and should not go more into the water.

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