Tarkarli Devbagh A Silver Beach

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Before I take you to the Tarkarli let me tell you how it got planned. One day was sitting in office and we friends were chatting and one of friend said lets go for a Picnic trip. One of the friend said lets go for a day, the other said lets go for two days and finally it was decided to have a three day trip cause we had many 1 day trips and this time we wanted something different. Now many ideas were coming and different locations and spots were discussed. We unanimously selected Tarkali Beach as we had heard it is called Silver Beach  and other attraction we knew was the Sindhudurg Fort which is in sea, all this made us very curious and impatient to see the place. Tarkali beach is situated in the southern Maharashtra in Malvan Taluka in Sindhudurg district. This beach is also called as the Queen beach of Konkan. To the south of Tarkarli Beach is Devbagh Beach where there is a confluence of River and Arabian Sea.

Early Morning View Of Sahyadri Mountains

We were excited for this trip, So we booked a car on rent and the resort in advance to accommodate 5 person. We decided to leave for Tarkarli after completing office hours on Thursday. Picked few friends from office and near about 10:30 PM we started from Pune. Tarkarli is near about 400 KMs away from Pune and nearly 530 KMs away from Mumbai. You need to pass Gaganbawda ghat which is in Sahyadri Mountains and this mountain ranges have very scenic views and can see them while passing the ghat.  

Sahyadri Ghat

Ghat Road In Sahyadri Mountains

Day 1

We reached the resort early in the morning, checked in and slept for few hours. The first thing we did after we get up is to go to beach as it’s only few steps away from our room. We did played for a while in water which made us very hungry so we ordered lunch and again went to room and rest for an hour or so.

Tarkarli Beach (Silver Beach) 
Admireing Tarkarli Beach
Waves At Tarkarli Beach

It was 4 PM in the noon and we ask a person in the resort where can we go now. According to his suggestion we went to Rock Garden, I thought it might be some artificial rock carved by someone to create a sculpture but when we reached there I was mesmerized to see the natural beauty of rocks. With so many years of waves collide with rocks carving them into natural wonderful beauty. It’s a must visit place as I had never seen such nature art.

Rock Garden

Waves At Rock Garden

Long View Of Rock Garden

While returning from Rock Garden we went to Malvan market. We did not went for purchasing but just wanted to see the Market and had some tea and snacks. We also went to see the fish market and there was a variety of fish and sea food. Came back to resort about somewhat 8:30 PM.  We placed our dinner order and resort staff had made a very good arrangement of campfire on beach. We had lot of enjoyment around campfire as we were singing, dancing, playing jokes and small games with our dinner. The atmosphere was so amazing on beach as breeze was making us cool and the fire from campfire was keeping us warm and the sound of waves were adding its own effect.

Day 2

We woke up a bit late near about 9 am in the morning. We were very excited for the day as we planned for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Sindhudurg Fort. We went to Malvan and got the agent for booking our Snorkeling and Scuba Diving but we came to know there that for Scuba diving it requires 3 days training. We discovered that Tarkali is having International Scuba Diving Training Center which made us proud. Also all the water sports are going as per international standards conducted by professional instructor with modern safety equipment.

As we cannot experience Scuba diving we booked tickets for Snorkeling. We parked our car at the parking on Malvan port and from there they took us in the boat and stopped between the waters of Sindhudurg fort and Malvan port. They gave us the snorkeling mask, swim rings and boat was having stairs to get into water. They gave us all the instruction and the good thing is that with every individual there is an instructor (guide) who swim with you to show places and give information about them.

I was very very scared about going into the water as I can’t swim but somehow I trusted instructor and went into water. I was wearing swim ring and I was holding instructor hand but when I wear that snorkeling mask I was very much scared as I could not breathe and was filling like drawing and started splashing. I heard a sound of instructor to breath from mouth which I forget after going into water. The instructor told me that it’s very normal and most of the tourist does that. I did settled down once I concentrated and started breathing from mouth.

A Sindhudurg Fort In Sea
Arial View of Sindhudurg Fort

I started snorkeling and what I saw was mesmerizing, there was all together a very different life under water. It was so wonderful that I could not explain in words, it’s unexplainable and one can only feel it. Sun rays entering into water was looking amazing and then falling on to rocks making them shine like diamond. There are so many different species of fishes and other sea creatures under water are looking so beautiful. The marine flora are moving with the waves are adding more beauty to the whole atmosphere. Guide showed me the tiger fish and a rock which grows itself and change color with time. I wish I could have an underwater camera to capture all this. I do believe that once in a life time one should definitely see and feel another world which is under water.

Sindhudurg Fort Main Gate

After Snorkeling we had lunch in a Malvani restaurant. The taste of Malvani food was very good. We then went to Sindhudurg Fort which was built by Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 17th century. Maharaj gave the responsibility of construction to Hiroji Indurkar in 1664. The fort was built on the small island lies in the shore of Malvan town. Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj objective in building this fort to diminish the influence of foreign invader like British, Dutch, French and Portuguese. From the boat you can’t see the gate of Fort. It was constructed in such a way that invader cannot understand entry of it. We reached fort in 10 mins from Malvan port. From the fort wall you will get a nice look of Malvan and the Tarkarli beach. At the center of the fort there is a temple of Shivaji Maharaj and we could see there are some residence as well. Looks like there would have been a small town inside the fort.  We spend somewhat 3-4 hours there and returned back to our resort, it was evening by then. Had dinner party on the resort and a long walk on beach to end a day.

Boundary Walls Of Sindhudurg Fort

Another View Of Boundary Walls
Temple In Sindhudurg Fort

Tarkarli Beach From Sindhudurg Fort

Day 3

After breakfast we went to Tsunami Island near to Devbagh Beach which is yet another wonderful nature creation. Tsunami Island is in the Karli River just before the river sea confluence. This island is made up of only sand and you will see lot of tourist there. When I heard about the island in morning I was expected that they will take us to some island in sea where there will be lots of tress and rocks. 

First View Of Tsunami Island

So very casually we seat in the boat and after covering some distance when at the middle of the river the boat’s man stopped the boat. He asked to get out of the boat and I was surprised hearing that. I said to him man are you out of your mind? as in the middle of river you are saying to get down from boat. He jumped of the boat without saying anything and I saw only his knees are in water. We all one by one get down of boat and started playing in that shallow water. 

Emersion of Tsunami Island

As we were playing the water level gradually decrease forming island and after few hours again an island was under water. I had never seen such things in life and it was really a kind of miracle by the Mother Nature. We had a very nice boat ride to confluence, water there is looking like fighting with each other to get merged. They also showed us another island which is called as Seagull Island where you can see hundreds of Seagull birds. We had some water sports as well. 

Walking On Tsunami Island
Confluence Of River And Sea

Seagull Island

Water Scooter Ride

After spending almost half day we returned to resort and got fresh and had food. Than we checked out from the restore and started our journey back home. While returning we decided to take a route from Amboli ghat as there is a famous water fall.  

Stares Of Amboli Ghat Water Fall

Amboli Ghat Water Fall

Those 3 days was such an unforgettable days and the trip which will not vanish from my memories for years and years to come. I would rate Tarkarli as one of the best tourist destination in western cost of India. I am sure that 3 days is not enough for this place as there are more sites to be visited in this Tarkarli region. I will surely be making another trip to Tarkali or would be keep coming back to this destination.

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